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About Us


Our Story

Tara Bistro is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Krua Tara offers Thai, European and local dishes.


Tara Bistro is created by Khun Kosol and Khun Sulipon, originally from Surat Thani. Both have their own prawn farms. Therefore, bringing prawn from their farm to be the main ingredient of the bistro. So, you can guarantee that the prawns served at the bistro are big, fresh, and sweet.


The bistro is located in the Cascade Tara Resort, slightly off the road around the island. Our place has convenient parking and very nice atmosphere.


The bistro is in the middle of the orchard and surrounded by streams and mountains. It's like slipping into another world. Good service, friendly atmosphere and affordable prices.


Our Kitchen

Our kitchen has many recommended menus such as ‘’Tara Bistro Cold Prawns ‘’served with a spicy sauce, we use large tiger prawns from our own farm and there are also many other famous dishes from the restaurant such as ’’ Goong Saep Tara’’ [Stir-fried prawns with our secret homemade spicy sauce], everyone must to order. including beef or pork in Massaman curry, traditional recipes from grandfathers and grandmothers to future generations to taste There are also many dishes that are famous form our restaurant such as ‘’Tara Spicy Seafood Salad’’ With young coconut meat and avocado, ‘’Prawns Satay ‘’[Grilled prawns skewers with Fresh Thai herb marinated serve with peanut sauce, roasted shrimp with chilli and salt, and ‘’Hae Guen’’[ Deep fried prawn rolls dim-sum] and special  local food of Samui. 

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